Yvette Farmer
X ANNIVERSARY . . short film
In sound post - due to complete March 2019

Four troubled characters in a seaside town remember their exes on four very different anniversaries. The film features four monologues performed by the same actor exploring themes of grief, regret, LGBTQIA+ and our wants and desires.

Writer + Director + Producer
Yvette Farmer

X1 + X2 + X3 + X4
Keeley Forsyth

DoP - Annette Remler
Focus Puller - Malte Hubner
Art Director + Stylist - Alun Davies
Sound Designer + Mix - Andrew Riley
Sound Recordist - Martin Clarke
Production Assistant - Marcel Myrtil
Editor - Gwyn Moxham
Colourist - Belgin Kaplan

Credits music - Raymond Scott 'Portofino 2' (Field of Roses)

Kate Williamson
Paul Lewis Stephens
Clare Stephens
Dreamland Margate
Gabrielle Lindmann - Kent Film Office
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